Tea picking experience at the origin birthplace of Japanese green tea town Ujitawara


  • Morning: Tea picking – Hand rolled tea
  • Afternoon: Tea bento-box for lunch - Cha-kabuki etc.

Participation fee

  • 10,000 Yen per day
  • You can take away picked tea leaves


Tea Picking Experience/Hand Rolled Tea Experience

Tea Picking Experience

You can enjoy picking tea leaves at Ujitawara, a special place for Japanese green tea. Accompanied by a tea master, this is more than just some simple Tea picking, you will experience the whole process of tea picking like how to grow a tea plant, how to pick tea leaves in order to make the tea taste good and what is the best condition and location to pick tea leaves etc.

※Please wear comfortable clothes. There are also spaces to change clothes.

Hand Rolled Tea Experience

You can process tea by hand-rolling technique and take picked tea leaves back. First of all, heat up the hot plate and put in picked tea leaves. Wait until the grassy-smelling turns into the sweet-smelling and then repeatedly roll tea leaves by hand during the tea drying process. After the drying process, try drinking the tea.
※You can take away picked tea leaves.

You can enjoy Ujitawara’s unique tea bento-box for lunch.

Stone Mill Experience/Lecture on How to Brew Japanese tea

Stone Mill Experience / Lecture on How to Brew Japanese tea

You can mill Matcha with an actual stone mill and make tea.

We will use the tea that is carefully selected by tea masters so you can fully enjoy the tea from Ujitawara.

You can taste the differences between stone-ground tea and hand-rolled tea. Then, there will be a lecture on how to brew Japanese tea.

We will have fun with the stone mill and all the tea activities along with other participants so it is more like a group discussion than a lecture.

You can also ask questions that you are curious with tea masters like what is necessary in order to bring out the delicious flavor of a regular tea?


Please enjoy a special tea time in Ujitawara’s unique thatched roof room.


A Smell and Taste Tea Guessing Game

You can enjoy Cha-kabuki, a tea tasting game that was popular in Kyoto among man of culture in the early days. You can guess the types and qualities of tea by drinking and comparing the differences. Be sure to try checking the unique smell and taste one-by-one.

Ujitawara Attractions

Uji Tea produced in Ujitawara, grown in rich soil and favorable climate conditions is made from a process that has continued until today. Comparing with other places, Uji Tea produced in Ujitawara features the extreme difference between the cold and hot weather during afternoon and night near the mountains. Thereby, gradually making nutrient-rich tea grows. As a result, tea leaves accumulate a lot of Umami components produced during the day time. At the border of Ujitawara, it inevitably produces good quality of tea leaves. Ujitawara is the birthplace of Aoisencha manufacturing process such as Sencha and Gyokuro process. And because of the tea masters, the tea tastes even much better. Therefore, Ujitawara is the birthplace of Aoisencha manufacturing process such as Sencha and Gyokuro process. 

Tea master

Tea master:Masao Ueno


  • Born on June 6, 1960 in Ujitawara
  • After graduation, participated in a training at Myoukouenn in Nagoya and accumulated experiences at Marugo Seicha
  • Received the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize in November, 1984
  • In the same year, certified as a tea instructor at the Tea Examination Skills Tournament in Kyoto
  • Assumed office as a representative director of Marugo Seicha in 1997
  • Others, receives Iwashimizu Hachimangu kencyakou prizes at the competitive fair every year

About Tea picking experience

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・A minimum of 2 people is required. By morning: 5,000 Yen By afternoon: 10,000 Yen ※For private reservation, the above participation fee plus 30,000 Yen.

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About meeting place and time

・Meet at the designated place at the appointed time. (If you need a lift please contact us when you apply.)

About clothes and plans

・Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes. (Clothes that are easy to move in)

・Cancelled only in case of heavy rain (In case of stormy weather, please contact us)

・There are spaces to change clothes.

About bento-box (Japanese lunch box)

・We do not offer anti-allergy tea bento-box.

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